KF-SuperPerkTrainingDeluxe-v7d is the most wide known map for the KF2 “perk training” motto. It features a very simple goal — to train your perks. Whether solo, or with some players on the server, all XP gains count for all players. The more, the better (that goes for your kills, too). Download KF-SuperPerkTrainingDeluxe-v7d below.


KF-SuperPerkTrainingDeluxe-v7d Screenshot

KF-SuperPerkTrainingDeluxe-v7d Screenshot


ZIP Format:

KFM Format (Base Map File):

Check out this tutorial on how to install/download KF2 Maps [OverclockedLAN]: 



Q: Can I get banned for leveling my perks on this map?
A: No. It’s simply just not possible. You are not cheating in any way, and a custom map has absolutely nothing to do with VAC.

Q: Will my perks get reset after playing on this map?
A: No. Tripwire has not blacklisted this map, or ANY map on KF2 in any way. The only way your perks can get reset is if you are playing on a modified server that causes the server itself to be GREYlisted (perks don’t count).

Q: How do you spawn the SUV in KF2?
A: Press E on the last control center on the far right of the map where there is a vent on the wall, and the SUV will spawn.


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